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Inside this issue Uncle Drac's Vanilla Meringue Eyeballs by Yvette  N Beshier

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Horrendous Magazine is an annual Halloween-themed comic book anthology created ​and published by Artist John Muller. You can check out my story, Uncle Drac's Vanilla Meringue Eyeballs and the story's of all the other other contributors.

I'm Autistic, and I'm Fantastic!

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I'm Autistic, and I'm Fantastic 

This book was written for my niece Kylah. Kylah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 5. Kylah, while enjoying a day at the park with her mother, sees a rainbow in the sky. Kylah's mother asks her to name all of the colors in the rainbow. Do you know the colors that are in a rainbow?

This book teaches the reader the color of the rainbow and contains fun-filled activity pages that also allow the reader to explore the colors of a rainbow. 


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These Changing Times Anthology, A Moment In Time - Past, Present, Future, is our second Anthology. In this Anthology, we've collaborated with several Writers, Artists, Photographers, and Illustrators to write on this year's theme, A Moment In Time:  Past Present and Future. Inside this issue, you will find extraordinary stories, illustrations, and photos that do not fall into any specific genre or category.

Horrendous Magazine Series

Horrendous Halloween Special 2019 debuted at Halloween Comicfest at White Dragon Comics in Tannersville, PA on October 26th, 2019! This issue has 64 pages of Halloween fun featuring story and art by Creator of Horrendous Magazine John Muller, Matt Parton, Joe Ryan, Yvette Beshier, Pelar Bass, John Edingfield II and Angel Santiago. We also have activity pages including games and pages to color!

Horrendous #2 is a Halloween themed comic book anthology featuring the works of Creator and Curator John Muller, James Avila, Pe'lar Bass, Yvette Beshier, John Edingfield II, Christian Espiritusanto, Andrew Flynn, Danny Gallagher, Rusty Gilligan, Ryan Kroboth, Enrique Lopez, Jay Mooers, John Muller, Matt Parton, Joe Ryan, Tom Travers and Brett Weese.

Horrendous #3 Horrendous is an annual Halloween themed comic-book anthology featuring the works of Pe'lar Bass,
Yvette Beshier, John Edingfield II, Christian Espiritusanto, Rusty Gilligan, Jay Mooers, John Muller, and Brett Weese.

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